As an ambassador for your country, you can help us by representing and promoting the project and the initiatives in your country. You will be the bridge between the project and the local community, stakeholders, and partners. The role is on a voluntary basis.

Here is a summary of your responsibilities as a country ambassador.

At the start:

  • From the start, you will participate in a kick-off and regular brainstorm sessions with the project team, to create ideas to stimulate the engagement in the offices, to define the way of working in workstreams (technical, sponsoring/ fundraising, collaboration & communication) and how to best attract volunteers to participate for these workstreams


  • As an ambassador you maintain the communication between the project’s core team and the local community and stakeholders. This includes relaying feedback, updates, and insights to ensure that the project remains aligned with local needs.
  • You bring up ideas and offer advice to the project team based on your understanding of local dynamics, needs, and opportunities.


  • You help us to promote the project’s goals, mission, and values within your country.
  • You create awareness and engagement around the project’s impact, benefits and progress
  • You assist in adapting and distributing project content, materials, and messaging in the local office to suit the cultural and linguistic context of your country.

Event Coordination:

  • Together with the project team and the workstream teams, you co-organize workshops or events for the local community.
  • You engage with the local sustainability and CSR teams to have a coherent approach