Technology Partner

For Tēnaka, measuring its positive impact is the cornerstone of their model.

Tēnaka Science is the online portal Tēnaka uses to share monthly data on the evolution of the coral ecosystems they restore, namely in terms of marine biodiversity.

Currently, to collect this data, Tēnaka’s field marine biologists need to dive in the restored areas and go through a visual identification and quantification of fish (butterfly fish, parrotfish…), invertebrates (giant clam, sea urchins…) and mega-fauna (sharks, turtles, rays).
Once they return to land, the data is loaded manually into the Tēnaka Science portal.

This is where the partnership with Orange Business comes into play.

Orange Business collaborates with an ecosystem of partners to develop a technology solution that automates and scales coral reefs and marine biodiversity monitoring.

The solution provides access to fully automated data sets, from collection to visualization, leveraging AI-based data analysis.

This near real-time data-driven approach will increase the knowledge around restored coral ecosystems as well as it will enhance the capabilities of Tēnaka’s operations.

Data and images of the coral ecosystems are delivered directly to scientists ashore, which means researchers will be able to access 24/7 data and spend more time restoring degrading coral reefs

Automation of the scientific monitoring of coral reefs

The project orchestrated by Orange Business is enabled by a Yucca lab marine research station composed of an underwater monitoring device with waterproof 360° cameras attached to a solar-powered floating buoy with processing and transmission capabilities.

The research station connects to the local 4G mobile network with an Orange Business SIM card. This connection transfers images daily to a Microsoft Azure tenant managed by Orange Business. The data transfer is secured by Orange Cyberdefense using Netskope SSE technology and NewEdge infrastructure.

This is a perfect example where Orange’s Evolution Platform, combining the 3 “Cs”: Connectivity, Cloud and Cybersecurity, enables a digitalization use case.

Once in the cloud, an AI algorithm developed by Orange Business analyzes the images. This algorithm automatically recognizes and quantifies 17 species of fish, invertebrates, and megafauna in the reefs.

Orange Business leverages its partner ecosystem in this project: Netskope’s For Good program is providing the security platform and design, while Microsoft provides free of charge Azure credits as part of its Startups Founders Hub program.

Project roadmap

The development of the 1st prototype of the research station started in October 2023. In December 2023 we conducted tests of the full data transmission chain, from the buoy to Azure, in a lake that were a success!

Our AI algorithm training is now finalized and ready to be tested.

What is next?

In Q1 2024 we expect to finalise the 1st prototype of the research station, by testing its underwater module in the Mediterranean Sea, together with all the solution elements already developed.

Right after, we will start two workstreams:

  • The 2nd prototype of the research station, which will add additional features needed in the production environment
  • The data visualization project, which will allow for the output of the AI algorithm to be visualized within Tenaka Science.

By the summer of 2024, we expect to bring the research station to Malaysia, to be tested in the production environment. This will allow us to test the AI algorithm with real onsite pictures of Malaysian biodiversity.

Stay tuned for more news!